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Product Benefits

Product Benefits

Labor Cost saving

Oryza Aerogel is flexible and robust, so that it can be cut and trim easily into different sizes or shapes to fit every part of the piping system within a short period of time. In addition, the wrapping process is fairly simple without any complexed handling techniques, thus it is less labor intensive to perform the installation and reduce the overall labor cost.

Low dust generation

Oryza Aerogel is produced by a special manufacturing process that yield the final aerogel blanket with very minimal amount of residual dust. This would minimize the chance of over inhalation of workers during installation which might cause adverse affect to respiratory system.

Superior thermal insulation performance

Oryza Aerogel has ultra-low thermal conductivity (0.018 W/m.K at 250C) which significantly reduces heat transfer rate through it with lower thickness compares to other traditional material. Hence, Oryza Aerogel would be an optimal choice for constructing a space-saving insulation system that is able to satisfy different requirements.

Environmental and human safety

Oryza Aerogel is manufactured with a green and environmental-friendly process that generates zero byproducts. In additional, Oryza Aerogel has no crystalline silica content in the residual dust, which means that the aerogel blanket is totally safe for workers upon contact.

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) Defence

Oryza Aerogel offers excellent protection to pipeline system from Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) due to its exceptional hydrophobicity and breathability. Oryza Aerogel is breathable, which means the trapped moisture vapor can escape through the pores of the blanket and thus eliminate the accumulation of moisture which might lead to piping corrosion.


Oryza Aerogel has the ability to resist to external mechanical force over a long period of time.


Background & Purpose:

For this dust measurement there is no ASTM standard. This test was designed by Stamina as a provider of Occupational Health Services for the oil and gas companies, HSE organizations and the industry contractors to see how much dust the workers are getting exposed during installation works and operations with Bronx Oryza 650 material and how much dust the work place is seeing in terms of covering and cleaning.

Method of Statement:

Dust collectors will be strategically placed on the personals and around the room during installation and removal of Bronx Oryza 650 and these collectors will be collected and the content be analyzed by Stamina to determine the measurement of dust and the contents of the dust.


Measurements of total dust during insulation indicated an almost identical exposure (outside the respiratory protection) of about 2 mg/m3 for both insulators. Taking measurement uncertainty into account, estimated exposure was between 1,7 – 2,2 mg/m3, which is well below the statutory occupational exposure limit of 6 mg/m3. Also, when removing insulation, the measurements showed approximately equal exposure to total dust for both insulators. Although both measurements were below the limit of detection, these measurements also indicated exposure far below the occupational exposure limit. Overall, personal exposure to total dust appeared to be lower during removal of insulation than during insulation.


Background & Purpose:

Bronx Oryza 650 material was required to test the material to the following ISO standard:

ISO 22899-1:2007(Determination of the resistance to jet fires of passive fire protection materials — Part 1: General requirements)

This test is for required for determining the use of the material as a fire protection product.

This test was conducted at Gexcon Facilities and witness by Lloyds register

Method of Statement:

ISO 22899-1 Jet Fire test conducted on a 6” pipe with 40 mm thickness of Orzya Sil 650 covered by 0.7 mm AISI 316 cladding and burned.


Test results before failure (400 deg.C) on the steel pipe = 20 minutes

With a combination of materials and system it has the potential to withstand more then 120 mins of ISO 22899-1 Jet Fire

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